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Questions regarding the scripture? Get answers from ABS Scholars.

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Rejoice and Be Renewed: A 14 Day Summer Devotional
Rejoice in a summer journey with God's Word! Pause for spiritual renewal with this 14-day devotional guide.   more...

Critical Perspectives: Matters of Faith and Revelation
Introducing a new feature for critical perspectives on timely and relevant issues that impact biblical understanding. The current installment focuses on the “Critical” Study of the Bible in Relation to Matters of Faith and Revelation.   more...

Bible Study Guides
Dig into these Bible Study Guides for fresh insight into familiar Scripture. A refreshing addition to devotional or group study.   more...

Digging Into the Bible
Just beginnig your Bible exploration adventure and don't know where to start? These study tools will help you chart your course. more...

Letters from our Mailbox - August
The three questions highlighted this month all focus on the question of authorship of select New Testament books. Even though some of the books attest to certain authors, this may not be the actual case. Read these (and other questions) that have come to our team of biblical experts in recent months.   more...

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Critical Perspectives
Seeking guidance from the Bible on complex societal issues? Critical Perspectives offers timely and challenging insights in light of the Bible’s cultural, historical, political, and theological worldviews.   more...

Graphic Novel

The graphic novel is not just for fantasy and fiction anymore. Read how Bible stories are making an impact using this medium. view/download file (.PDF format)

“Postmodernism” Is Everywhere - Learn about the various ways that postmodernist thought has influenced the Church, biblical studies, and theology. more...

More learning activities for all ages click here...

Explore the Life, Death , and Resurrection of Jesus with these Passion Resources. more...

Internet Best Practices

Many churches and denominations are turning to the Internet to serve their ministries. The Best Practices in Online Ministry Report tells how they're doing. view/download file (.PDF format)
Heading back to school? (.PDF format)

Letters From our Mailbox

Hundreds of questions about the Bible, its translation, and the teaching of the Bible have been sent to the staff here at the Bible Resource Center.  Browse the letters and see if a question you have has been asked. If not, send us an email.  More...

In an age when Scripture often appears to have lost its meaning, its relevance, and even its sacredness, Dr.Joseph Crockett explores the concept of Scripture Engagement. Read an excerpt...

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Learn about the history and process of Bible translation

Click here to explore more about the field of Translation.

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